Monday, 10 September 2018

Fester Cat's Poem

I met someone yesterday who's just lost his beloved cat. I've dug this poem I wrote five years ago out of my files in case it might help.

Fester Cat’s Poem

I want you to remember things.
These days of ours
Because I’ll only be part of
the story
I know your human lives are generally longer.
And you had all that life beforehand

And I was twelve when we met up…
And you’ll have more afterwards, I hope
And maybe even…
Other cats..!

There might be others
I don’t know

I can’t imagine the future
But I want you to remember this –
These long days together.
And don’t ever forget me?
Keep me separate
And special.

The human mind is bigger – with
More room
The cat mind seems smaller
But I won’t forget
I would never forget any of this.
All your life has been goodbyes
I really didn’t want to be another.
I tried my very hardest to stay.
I weighed myself down with all I could eat
I was digging my claws in as hard as I could
But I got lighter
And lighter

Thanks for keeping me going
Thanks for keeping all my stuff
Going along…
And one day, if you see me
Through the leaves,
On the fence,
Up the magnolia tree
I can’t promise to be there
I probably can’t come running anymore

But I did, didn’t I?
I came running for you
Like no one else ever did.

I want you to remember things.
These days of ours

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