Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 in Review


2018 has been my year of saying yes to more or less everything. It’s meant that I’ve worked too hard, really. It’s been another year of trying very hard and doing the best I can… and trying to make the world notice that I’m here doing my thing.

I’ve made some glorious new friends, and met some online friends in the flesh for the first time and got on fantastically well. Making some new friends means a year has been a good one.

I’ve read a fair number of books. I’ve bought too many. I’ve followed my nose and this year rediscovered my love for novelizations, 70s science fiction, blockbusters, war fiction and even literary fiction.

I’ve worked and worked and worked, supervised each day in my study by the indefatigable Bernard Socks.

I’ve tried to be a good friend to those I care about. I’ve tried not to be too caught up in my work.

I wrote a lot of words. I wrote a whole kids’ novel and three-quarters of a historical novel for grown-ups. And I wrote some scripts, and sold my first Crime story.

I had two Doctor Who audio plays published. I had the third book in my Mars trilogy published. I wrote a ten hour long mystery series published by a Swedish audio company. I wrote the text for a computer game. My first four novels were republished so handsomely by Lethe Press.

I got Brenda and Effie optioned for TV again, and this seems hopeful, but the stage musical seems to have gone quiet again.

I didn’t manage to get ‘Stardust and Snow’ published as a short, perfect Christmas gifty hardback. Two near misses, but no. That was a massive disappointment.

I did an awful lot of drawing and painting. Mostly for myself, but quite a lot of commissions. I painted cats and dogs and lots of naked men.

I even wrote some poems, and a tiny little play that will be on in Manchester next year.

I went to Paris for four days with Jeremy, and Baltimore with several Doctor Whos and friends.

I spoke at things like the Edinburgh book festival and taught and ran about and did some other events – for anyone who would ask, it seemed like.

Sometimes – doing what I do, and not really fitting in – it can all feel like a bit of a fight and a struggle. But I really value my friends and my FB friends and everyone who supports me by taking an interest. But this is what I do and here it all is.

Sending my love and all my very best wishes to you all xxx

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