'Silver Jubilee' and 'Christmassy Tales'


I've published a number of collections of short fiction over the years. My first was 'Playing Out' in 1997, and then there was 'Twelve Stories' in 2009. I've written a whole bunch of stories in the years since then, and some have come out in anthologies or been broadcast or published in this book or that website. Quite a number I've just put away to dwell on and go back to and keep on revising.

Anyhow - they're all ready to come out now! This autumn I've brought out two collections containing twenty-five stories between them. (One is Christmassy-themed because I realised I seem to spend half my time writing about Christmas..!) I hope you'll like both books - between them they represent a lot of the hidden work that I've been up to in the years since my last collection.