Thursday, 26 June 2014

Best Brenda Villains?

Think back – who, in your opinion, is the best Brenda villain or monster?

My top five would be:

5) Karla Sorenson – polymorphously perverse vintage film starlet who unleashed all kinds of chaos with her remake of ‘Get Thee Inside Me, Satan’ in ‘Hell’s Belles’ (2009)

4) Goomba the Bamboo Deity from the Dawn of Time in ‘Something Borrowed’ (2007) Was he wicked or just horribly misunderstood? His brooding presence resided in a set of garden furniture in Sheila Manchu’s beer garden and he ended up enslaving almost all of Whitby as the dreadful Wickerwork Man.

3) Kristoff Alucard. He was washed up on the shore of Whitby in the 1890s and no one’s been able to get rid of him since. Effie’s some-time beau and a bit too dapper for his own good. Brenda wouldn’t trust him as far as she could chuck him, and perhaps she was right.

2) Mrs Claus. The grotesque old bag who rules the Christmas Hotel and makes it forever Yule. She starts out in the series as an out-and-out horror, but maybe she redeems herself by the end, when certain revelations are unwrapped?

1) For me number one has to be Mr Danby – that most persistent of villains. Whether it’s a Deadly Boutique or a muck-raking late night chat show, or a bookshop housing a celestial gateway into the wicked land of Qab – this oleaginous fiend keeps coming up with crackpot schemes designed to suck the life essence out of our two leading ladies. Is he and his dessicated Mother Superior (whom he carries about in a suitcase) still at large? And will we ever find out?

Let me know if I’ve missed anyone even more horrible out…!

Also - there's now a Brenda and Effie facebook page! Do pop along and join!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Proofreading Fester

I've just finished proof-reading Fester's book (and cried at the end again, even though I was sure I wasn't going to.) With this rereading, it's really seeming as if he's about to go his way into the world, and from now on he's not just going to be *our* little cat.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Beach House Books

The summerish weather this past weekend has sent both Bernard Socks and I down to the Beach House. I remembered my plan to read up all the unread books I’ve got hanging around the place. For the past couple of months everything I’ve read has been brand new, and in sparkly e-book form.  I’ve missed the scent of old books and the uncovering of slightly obscure novels that the rest of the world has passed by…

So, I’m hoping that as this summer matures I can start getting back to the more arcane corners of my ramshackle paperback collection. Here’s a bunch of covers to keep you amused…