Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Reviewing Fester's Book

There's a new Goodreads review of 'The Story of Fester Cat' that I love. It breaks the good news to long-term Magrs fans that Panda makes an appearance in the book..! He gets a whole chapter to himself...
I love these Goodreads and Amazon reviews - thank you, those who've left them. Please, if you've read and enjoyed the book, do write something to say so! All this stuff is extremely good for spreading the word.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Being Driven

A good friend asked yesterday how I find the energy to stay focused on my writing every single day. I found myself writing this, which gets to the heart of it for me:
"I'm obsessed and very driven. And still going because i still have so little to show for twenty years in the biz. I’ve got some wonderful readers though, and that makes me happy every day. But on the whole keeping writing is a huge struggle. I've got to keep going and just show the fucking fuckers."

Sunday, 16 November 2014

'From Wildthyme - with Love'

It's a full year since this little beauty came out from Snowbooks. I just saw this lovely Amazon review, which encapsulates just what the book is all about - and hope will make you want to order it at once!

""LATER: Just as I thought. She's cloning dinosaurs and turning people into trees. Typical!"
Warm and irreverent, this book is a witty, whistle-stop romp through the hinterlands of a certain Time Lord's past adventures - as reinterpreted through the pie-eyed lens of Iris and Panda. As they tread joyfully and improbably – and without copyright infringement – Iris and Panda write pan-dimensional postcards to each other across the Maelstrom ("that mysterious region in which Space and Time are completely b***ered up"). The book itself is gorgeous - powder pink dust-jacket over a slim, purple hardback with silver lettering on the spine. Bravo Paul Magrs - it's a gift book that really is a gift of a book. Brilliant fun!"

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Fester Book Plate Competition!

Yesterday I designed some book plates for Fester's book, so I can personalise people's copies. Then, what I thought I'd do is create a small number of hand-drawn ones, and hold a little competition.

So... in order to win, why don't you send in photos of your copy of Fester's Book, wherever you are, with your own cat(s) (or dogs!) (or if you don't have any animals of your own, just yourself!), wherever in the world you happen to be reading his story...  Also, pics of Fester books on display in shops are welcome. But best of all would be pictures of actual cats reading the book..!

Do send them to me via Facebook, Twitter, my blog or pmagrs@gmail.com. The best ones will get one of this limited number of signed, numbered book plates.

Here's Fester himself, demonstrating where you might glue a  personalised book plate into your copy... 

Friday, 7 November 2014

More reviews for 'The Story of Fester Cat'

"Is it such a stretch to say a pet is the keystone of the home you've made?  You'd never get an argument from me.  Nor would you get one from Paul Magrs, the British writer who shared his life and often his laptop with a scrappy black and white fellow named Fester.  Magrs' The Story of Fester Cat, just published on November 4, tells us about love, loss, searching, and gratitude as the feline member of the family saw it.  ...  Throughout it all, Fester speaks his lively mind as he reminds his humans, and us, what remains truly important.  There is always a garden somewhere, and we can all go there.  Listen to the cat.  Ungow." - The Pet Museum

"Is this a story of a cat?  Yes.  Is this the story of two men in love?  Yes.  Is the narrator Fester Cat?  Yes and no.
"Paul Magrs took the loss of his beloved Fester Cat and used it as a jumping off point to chronicle his and Jeremy’s lives from the time Fester arrived and adopted them up to Fester’s death at about age 18.

"We were essentially invited into Paul, Jeremy, and Fester’s lives and it truly felt natural to join them at the breakfast table, and in the garden, as they went about their daily lives.  
"Will I re-read The Story of Fester Cat?  I am not sure.  I am not sure if I can relive the loss of my own “Fester Cat,” Boo Boo, again as he too was a stray, entered our home and our hearts, and became ill at the young age of 15.  We too had to make a decision to make, and although I don’t regret it, I still miss him to this day.  The stories he could tell, just like Fester Cat.
P.S. I cried while reading the book, and I cried as I wrote this review, just saying…" -  Joyfully Jay Reviews.

". I’m not a huge fan of books written in the voice of a pet, because so few writers do it really well, so I approached this book with a bit of apprehension. However, Fester’s gentle charm worked its magic on me, and as I kept reading, I realized that Fester had captured my heart somewhere along the way.
"This is a story about a cat adopting his humans, not the other way around. It’s a story about what being a family is all about, even if it’s not a family in the traditional sense. After all, sometimes, the families we choose are the best families of all. And it’s a story about what cats can teach us if we allow ourselves to listen with our hearts.
"Thoroughly enjoyable and utterly charming (this effect was enhanced for me by some of the uniquely British expressions), this book made me smile, laugh, and cry, sometimes all on the same page."  -  The Conscious Cat. 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Some nice reviews for Fester's book

"...this little gem of a book..." - Booklist. 

Fester's book was published only yesterday, but already it's been getting some lovely reviews...

" Fester manages to give us the joy of following his tale of life in a home filled with love; meeting the friends and family ... At the end of the book, Paul gives a beautiful eulogy for Fester, who changed his life. This is a different read, but a really nice story, filled with humor, love, and sadness. You don’t have to be a cat lover to enjoy this book, but if you are, it’s a do not miss." - The Book Cafe.

"The tenderness of this book nearly made me cry so many times, not because the cat was going to die but because this genius memoir is filled with a hundred small acts of kindness and love." - Wordsby Amyibeeson

"(I)t is Fester's voice, his sweet and sensitive loving perceptions, that is the shining light of this heartfelt and witty book. It was a pleasure to spend time with such a special -- and so typically, deeply familiar -- cat." - City Sqwirl.

"Fester needed them and they needed him. Being a cat lover all my life, I thoroughly enjoyed this story as I laughed and got teary, touched by Fester‘s recollections.. .. In fact I felt the story was PURRFECT!!!" - Open Book Society.

"Paul ... has masterfully written this book in such a way that it feels he is channeling Fester. Fester is observant and witty and knows how to keep his humans in line and sticking to their routines. He is streetwise but also has a deeper understanding of life. His voice isn't just unique like some books have a unique narrator. Fester's voice attains a whole other level where it feels like it's destined to be classic, much like Eloise in the fabulous Kay Thompson series. You just read it and go, yes, this is Fester." - Strange and Random Happenstance.

"This feels like a book that sprang straight onto the page with the full force of necessity, simultaneously urgent and unhurried ... Imagine Tuesdays With Morrie, but feline: sentiment without a cloying sense of emotional manipulation. And as for the voice of Fester, it’s very easy to forget it’s written by Paul himself, and not the cat…" - Matt Cresswell.

"It’s been a long time since a book made me both laugh and cry, but this one did it all and more! It’s a tender, humorous, startling, agonizing and precious memoir that every cat lover absolutely must read and everyone else as well! Marley, move over – this is the reverse story but every step of the way to the end is delightful, engaging and so, so memorable!" - Crystal Reviews.

"This beautiful, funny, warming book is obviously written as a response to loss and grief, but it brings its own consolations, without recourse to organised religion or rainbow bridges: in telling our stories, we haven’t lost a life, whether that’s a story about dealing with tough times or playing with some turkey giblets every Christmas morning. Wearing its deep humanity lightly, beneath its black and white furs, The Story of Fester Cat is a book anyone with four legs would be proud of; one that the celebrates the cat in all his dimensions." - A Pile of Leaves.


Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fester's publication day!

 It's publication day for 'The Story of Fester Cat'!

I thought I'd share some pictures of our little cat that I'd never posted before.

Ungow, everyone!  We hope you'll enjoy the book.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Fester's book comes out tomorrow!

Tomorrow - Tuesday 4th November - 'The Story of Fester Cat' is published in the US by Berkley / Penguin. Many of you who've followed this blog in the past few years will already know about the amazing Fester Cat and the differences he made to our lives. I hope you'll read his book and tell everyone you know all about it. I'm hoping our little cat and his story is going to find his audience and be remembered forever.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

You can still buy the original Brenda novels on audio...!

A reminder that the six Brenda and Effie novels are available in unabridged form from Audible, all performed by the amazing Joanna Tope!