Friday, 24 February 2017

A Couple of Events

There are a couple of events I'll be doing in the near future! The first is next week - Friday 3rd March - when I'll be in Lancaster at their wonderful Litfest, appearing with Eddie Robson and talking about writing Doctor Who books and audios. Here's the link..!

At the end of next month I'll be going to my first-ever US Doctor Who convention, and I'll be reading and doing panels and Q&As and appearing alongside all kinds of luminaries. This Con has a lovely set of actors appearing, from old and new Who - but it also has a very generous collection of writers, too, which is unusual, I think, and something I'm very pleased about. 

Katy Manning is at this one - and we're planning a rather special Iris Wildthyme surprise... Which is all I'm saying for now.

Other things to mention...

The ebook for my forthcoming novel 'Fellowship of Ink' is available for pre-order from Amazon - for the tiny price of £1.59...! Link

And here's a soundcloud preview of Baker's End episode three - Tatty Bogle! - which comes out from Bafflegab NEXT WEEK..!

Finally - I got the nicest email from a reader. The kind that reminds you to carry on whatever it is you do... I thought I'd share the last bit, to remind all of us all that it's not always about reaching the most readers - it's about reaching the right ones.

"I know it’s just words but I also know that operating creatively at anything other than blockbuster/bestseller level can sometimes have it’s tough times and not always bring as much back as it feels like you give. With that in mind I just wanted to give you my heartfelt thanks and affirmation that to this one person at least your work has had a huge and meaningful impact - a life has most definitely been made better as a result of your creativity so thank you."

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Battered Old Paperbacks

Battered old paperbacks. My life has always been filled with them. I've certain books that have been with me all my life. One of the joys of getting my study all sorted out is being able to have certain books back out of storage again.